Kota Kinutani

2022年10月13日(木)〜2023年1月10日 池田20世紀美術館 万物の鼓動 (絹谷幸太 ✕ 絹谷香菜子)



 メインの石彫「万物の鼓動 自然と人と文化の繋がり~」(美術館正面玄関・野外展示作品)は、平和への精神的な支柱(道標)として2022年に制作しました。世界の平和は微妙なバランスの上に成り立っていること。そして、平和を築くには石を積み上げる作業のように地道な努力が不可欠であるというメッセージが込められています。世界6大州(アジア・ヨーロッパ・アフリカ・北アメリカ・南アメリカ・オセアニア)の花崗岩を日本の大地の石(岡山県産 花崗岩)の上に積み重ね、人類が最初に身につけたお守り石(潟県産 翡翠)をトップに添えました。日本が世界平和のために先導的な役割を担い、信頼を獲得し、物申せる国になってほしいとの願いが込められています。
地球の自然物は、動物・植物・鉱物の 3 つです。これらは水を介してお互いが密接に繋がり合っています。約600万年前に誕生した人類は、自然の中で永く暮らしていたので「自然から教えてもらう」という謙虚なスタンスが不可欠でした。人間も地球の自然物の一員であるので、日本が世界の人々から尊敬され世界平和に貢献するには、自然と共に多様な文化や歴史を尊重し、日本が地球の水のような役割を果たすことが大事ではないでしょうか。地球環境の安全と世界平和を願う心が世界に広がってほしいと心から願っています。


For the exhibition 

At a time when the world is finding it hard to come together in unity, when I create my sculptures, my constant thought is to look for inspiration in nature’s message. Rejecting a world view that includes nuclear weapons and chemical warfare, my approach to work is based on the hope that through cultural and artistic communication, sculpture has the power to spread beauty through the hearts of those who see it. 

The main stone carving “The heartbeat of all things – The connection between nature, people and culture” was created in 2022 as a spiritual representation of peace. World peace depends on a delicate balance of forces, and the message of the sculpture is that in order to build peace, a constant and stable balance of forces, represented by the carving’s building blocks, is essential. The sculpture brings together granite from six of the world’s continents (Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania), all stacked on a foundation of Japanese granite from Okayama Prefecture, while jade (the first amulet stone) from Japan’s Niigata Prefecture is balanced on the top. In this way, I express my hope that Japan will play a leading role in the search for world peace and be a country that can deserve the trust of other nations. 

The animals, plants, and minerals that together compose nature are closely connected to each other through water. Throughout its six-million-year history, humanity has lived in and been an integral part of the natural world, and for the majority of that time we appreciated that learning from nature was essential to our existence within it. Just as humanity is but one component of the natural world, the Japanese people are an integral component of humanity and in order for Japan to be respected by other nations and to contribute to world peace, it is important for us to respect the diversity of cultures and history along with nature, and for Japan to play a role equivalent to that of water as a connecting element across the globe. I sincerely hope that my heartfelt concern for the safety of the global environment and for peace will spread throughout the world.


 Kota Kinutani




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